Top Breeders Challenge – Prizes

22 December 2019

The below information will be updated for 2020


11 December 2019


TBC will leave the race open until next Monday December 16th at sunset.  It will close sooner if all prizes are filled prior the 16 December 2019. If all prizes have not been filled by sunset, 16 December 2019, the remaining prizes will be split equally among all prize winners in corresponding race.

All prize winners will need to send in W-9 before check is mailed.

Birds will be shipped back after January 1st.

TBC pays for shipping. 

A Race winners Sal Perez, Ron Actis and Marty Hansen/Clint Boek

B race winner Alfonso Gonzales

C race winner Tim Brandon


Prize Money For Top Breeders Challenge Race – 2019

There Are No Payouts/Prizes For The 100 Miles Activation Race, 150, 200, 200 Milers


A Race

First Place – $40,000
2nd Place – $10,000
3rd Place – $5,000
4th Place – $5,000
5th Place – $5,000
6th – 10th Place – $2,500
11th – 30th Place – $1,000

Based on 100 Birds Shipping The A Race


B Race

First Place – $10,000
2nd Place – $2,500
3rd Place – $2,000
4th – 12th Place – $1,000

Based on 50 Birds Shipping The B Race

Top Breeder Bonus

Average Speed A and B Race Combined

First Place Prize Determined By Number Of Birds Shipped In The A and B Races

Winner Must Have Entry In Both Races