Top Breeders Challenge

The Top Breeders Challenge Prohibits The Loft Manager And His Assistant, Mike Garrett, (per paragraph 18 below) From Entering Birds In The Top Breeders Challenge Race.

Good Intentioned Questions Were Raised By A Few Fliers Who Desired To Enter The Race But They Thought It Inappropriate For Mike Cambra’s Assistant To Enter Birds. That Concern Has Been Resolved – Mike Garrett Has Graciously Withdrawn His Entries And Remains The Assistant To Mike Cambra.

Also, There Were A Few Fliers Who Wanted To Enter But Didn’t Like The Idea That This Website Stated That The Top Breeders Challenge Was A SOC Club “Sponsored” Race. It Is Not.

I, Mark Hernandez, Am The Person Who Owns This Website And Its Content Is Solely My decision. I Post SOC Club And SWI Club Race Results On This Site And Agreed In Friendship To “Host” The Top Breeders Challenge Site Here Free Of Charge.

I was Responsible For Mis-wording The Language That Suggested This Is A SOC “Hosted” Race. Those Edits Have Been Made So Please Accept My apologies.

So, Now, Those Of You Who WANTED to Fly This Race Can Be Assured Your Input And Concerns Have Been Addressed And Resolved. We Look Forward To Your Participation In This New Race. Good Luck To All And Thanks For Your Understanding!

Birds Powered By Volkman Seed Factory, Ceres California





It Is Very Important To Read This Entire Document  – It Includes ALL Rules, Requirements, Fees, Schedules, Forms, And Prizes For This Event. Summarized Information Can Be Accessed Using The Site Menu.

The Wincompanion Link Is Fully Operational. Wincompanion Includes Updates, Breeders, Birds, Results, Reservations, And Sign Up Links.

Please Click On The WINCOMPANION LINK At The Top Of This Page To Make Your Reservations.

We Will Also Be Adding A Link To A Local Hotel For The Event Once We Have Selected An Appropriate Location.

1. There will be a two bird limit per breeder. One “A” bird and one “B” bird. Nominate your “A” and “B” bird two weeks before race.

2. Perch fees: One Bird $250. Two birds $300. Perch fees are non-refundable and must be sent with your entries. An Acknowledgement of Rules and Information form Click Here must be sent with perch fees. Fees can be paid in advance to reserve your spot.

3. TBC will only be accepting 200 birds between March 1 until June 15 and replacement birds until June 15th.

4. Entry fee for “A” Race $1000. Entry fee for “B” Race $500.

5. Entry fees to be paid two weeks prior to the race. “A” AND “B” RELEASE.
Two separate races released 30 minutes apart.

6. Breeders who send two birds will nominate their birds two weeks before the race; either in the “A” Race or “B” Race. Breeders sending two birds and who lose a bird; that one remaining bird automatically goes into the “A” Race.

If you send only one bird, you are automatically in the “A” race. You cannot enter the “B” race only – entries are progressive – you must have a bird entered in the “A” race if you want to ALSO enter the “B” race.

7. All entry fees will go toward prize money. Any birds lost prior to shipping will result in the breeder having their entry fee refunded; if previously paid.

8. Our race will be 325 to 350 miles depending on race day weather conditions. The race is planned for Sat. Nov. 12, 2018.

9. All birds belong to Breeders/Owners of entry or entries, no buy backs, no auctions.

10. All birds returning from the race will be shipped back to the owners free of charge. “NO RETURN SHIPPING FEES”. Those outside the continental U.S. are excluded and will receive up to a $60 credit for shipping.

11. Must be 21 years of age to enter.

12. TBC will not be responsible for birds lost as a result of unforeseen events.

13. Loft manager, MIKE CAMBRA reserves the right to make any and all final decisions.

14. MIKE CAMBRA reserves the right to refuse entry to any breeder or attendee at his discretion.

15. All birds that do not have their entry fees paid the night of shipping will become property of TBC and will be sold. First come/first served basis. New owner pays $1.00 for the bird or birds and the bird(s) entry fees.

16. Prize money will be computed depending on how many birds are shipped to the “A” and “B” Races. There will be a $5,000 “TOP BREEDER” Bonus for the breeder with the best average speed bird. This means the breeder must have a bird entered in both races and both birds must clock to be eligible for the $5,000 Bonus.
*If 100 birds are shipped to the “A” race: 1st place $40,000. 2nd $10,000. 3rd $5,000. 4th $5,000. 5th $5,000. 6th through 10th $2500. 11th through 30th $1,000. If the 1st drop is more than 1 bird the prizes will be split equally between the number of birds, based on the cumulative value of the prizes on the drop e.g., 5 birds in the first drop will be awarded equal shares of the value of 1st through 5th place. After the 1st drop, the prizes will be awarded in clocking order.
*If 50 birds are shipped to the “B” Race: 1st Bird $10,000. 2nd Bird $2500. 3rd Bird $2,000. 4th through 12th $1,000. The same “drop rule” applies as noted for the “A” race.

17. All birds will be vaccinated for P.M.V. and have their 9th and 10th flights clipped upon arrival.

18. The Loft manager, Mike Cambra and his assistant – Mike Garrett are not permitted to enter birds in the race.

19. WINCOMPANION will be used for our clocking system. All other information will be on that site for breeders to follow.

20. Daily information on your birds and training days will be posted on Wincompanion.

21. There will be a waiting list after the loft is full with our max 200 birds limit. 2018 breeders will have first chance entries the following year. Registration and perch fees must be sent in by April 15th. After that date, entries will open up for waiting list breeders until the max bird limit is reached.

22. W-9 forms Click Here must be filled out to collect any and all prizes won that are over $600.00. No W9 form – no payout!

23. All checks made out to:       TOP BREEDERS CHALLENGE

Required Forms Must Be Mailed or E-Mail To To Mike Cambra Or Mike Garrett. W9 Forms Must Be In Our Possession No Later Than 2 Weeks Prior To Shipping Night Of The Race



The Acknowledgement Form Must Be Completed, Signed, And Submitted Along With Your Perch Fees Prior To, Or With All Birds Shippped To Top Breeders Challenge Loft.

Mike Cambra
3415 Kastania Road
Petaluma, CA 94952
Phone: 707-291-7217

Mike Garrett
921 Sonoma Vista Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476
Phone: 707-322-8545

Any questions please call Mike or Mike