Sonoma West Invitational Racing Pigeon Club – New AU Chartered Club in Sonoma County

The Sonoma West Invitational Racing Pigeon Club will be joining the new AU chartered Northern California Combine (NCC). The NCC will be flying the Interstate 80 course. The NCC will fly all races with the new NORCAL Concourse which consists of the NCC and the Camellia City Combine.

More details to follow as information becomes available.

Sonoma County Racing Pigeon Club

Storm Goranson

Storm was 70 when he passed away on July 21, 2016. He held many offices during his flying career, which started nearly 50 years ago in the mid 1960’s. Storm could be a tough competitor. Most people don’t know that he earned a Big All American award from the Racing Pigeon Bulletin for his birds’ performance in Young Birds 1978. Then again, most wouldn’t know that Storm as an alternate for the 1968 Olympic Wrestling team. He was previously recognized, in 1967, as an NCAA All-American in Greco-Roman Wrestling (Heavyweight).

Storm earned his M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University. He was well known and respected throughout the Bay Area for his innovative septic system designs that his firm, Environmental Engineering Associates, Inc., created.

The above information was provided to me by Tony Huhn – thank you – and now i’ll make note of my personal observations of Storm.

I first met Storm about 30 years ago at an SOC club meeting – a big man with a big smile and a gentle presence. I always thought Storm was a funny quirky dude! He was fun to be around and I always enjoyed how he downplayed his intellect around people; sometimes to the degree that you wondered what the heck was going on in that big man’s head. I always knew that this was a good man with a big heart. He was generous with his birds and advice for new fliers. Now, we all know that Storm didn’t set any records for wins in a season in the past decade – but life isn’t just about winning pigeon races – thank God. Storm was a lot more than a pigeon flier – he was a good husband and father of four daughters; Bjorna, Blake, Kirstin and Hope. He was a good friend to many people and gave freely of his time to help others.

I visited Storm a week or so before his passing. Blake and Susan (his wife) greeted me and showed me to his room. One of his other daughters (the name escapes me now) was sitting with Storm. She left us alone and we had light conversation. My hearing is horrible and Storm could barely speak. I had to get really close but I finally had to say “Storm, I’m sorry buddy, but i just can’t understand what you’re saying – I’m sorry”. Storm looked at me and took my hand as firm as he could – and said “that’s ok”. That was Storm – still smiling and helping others cope.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have known Storm

Rest in peace my friend




SOC meeting 13 January 2017 – 7:30PM – At New Club Location:

Petaluma Municipal Airport Main Terminal
601 Sky Ranch Drive
Petaluma, CA 94954

l. Meeting Called to Order

ll. Roll Call of Members

lll. Approval of Previous Minutes – A summary of the meeting was sent to all
SOC members as a quorum was not met.

lV. Proposals For Membership

V. Committee Reports

A. Treasurer/Race Secretary’s Report – Mike Garrett will be selling bands
and collecting dues. (Discuss club dues.)

B. Truck Chairperson – Transfer ownership of SOC Club Truck.

Vl. President’s Report

Vll. Communications/Correspondence

Vlll. Unfinished Business

A. Ratify Nominations of SOC Club Officers

lX. New Business

A. Training Schedule For Old Birds.

B. Transfer of Treasury Items And Schedule an Audit.

C. Up-date Club By-Laws

D. The Does And Don’ts For New Location Site For SOC Meetings/Shipping

X. Set Date And Time For Next Meeting

Xl. For The Good of The Sport


Respectfully Submitted, Honey Justman, Secretary

Please Click SocMembership-2015 For Current Members

Header Photograph Taken On 4 August, 2013 In Condoblin, Australia By Karen Tooth. The Picture And Article Appeared In The Condoblin Argus. 5,500 Birds Were Released By The Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation – Bound For Sydney – About 300 Miles.

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