Sonoma County Racing Pigeon Club

Sonoma County Racing Pigeon Club (SOC) is a member of the Bay Cities Combine. Bay Cities Combine is comprised of 3 sections; North, South, and Central – SOC members are located in the Bay Cities North Section. Competition is tough in the Combine with an average of over 1000 birds and 78-60 lofts in the shorter and middle distance races and tapering off to 500 birds 60-45 lofts in the longer races. The last few races this year were very tough ones with only 150 birds from 20+ lofts.

28 February 2018

Thank you to all who have signed up so far – we are 66% to our goal of 100 fliers.  Top Breeders Challenge is unique in the fact that it’s a nominated race and only 200 birds (100 in the A race and 100 in the B race) total allowed in this race. The total perch fee for the A and B race is only $300. And YES, the entry fee is high. But when you look at the cost of other races and entry fees and the possibility of winning a big prize – well, nothing compares to this race – 100 birds in the A race competing for a $40,000 first place prize. And when you nominate your A and B race bird in the last two weeks, you are guaranteed to have an A bird because if your nominated A bird is lost in the last 2 weeks, your B bird AUTOMATICALLY becomes an A bird. This race was designed to make sure your entries get the very best care – so we keep the numbers small – but the return is BIG!

Click On TOP BREEDERS CHALLENGE On The Menu  At The Top Of This Page For Details On The New


Right Now, All Information Is Contained On The TOP BREEDERS CHALLENGE Link On The Menu At The Top Of This Page. Please Click On Menu Link For WINCOMPANION. There You Will Find All Information Necessary To Register For This Race And Reserve Your Perches.

If You Should Have Any Questions; Please Click On TOP BREEDERS CHALLENGE Link On The Menu At The Top Of This Page. The TOP BREEDERS CHALLENGE Page Contains All The Information You Need Including Mike Cambra’s and Mike Garrett’s Phone Numbers And E-mail Contact.

There Will Only Be 100 Fliers In The A Race Competing For The $40,000 First Prize.

No One Can “Buy This Race” With The Two Bird Limit.

The Race Isn’t Cheap But Your Chances Of Winning Are High – Considering The Number Of Birds Allowed In This Race.


Please Click Here Mike Garrett To View an Excellent Article On Mike Garrett’s Involvement, through pigeons, In The Local Community


Header Photograph Taken On 4 August, 2013 In Condoblin, Australia By Karen Tooth. The Picture And Article Appeared In The Condoblin Argus. 5,500 Birds Were Released By The Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation – Bound For Sydney – About 300 Miles.

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