Sonoma County Racing Pigeon Club

Sonoma County Racing Pigeon Club (SOC) is a member of the Bay Cities Combine. Bay Cities Combine is comprised of 3 sections; North, South, and Central – SOC members are located in the Bay Cities North Section. Competition is tough in the Combine with an average of over 1000 birds and 78-60 lofts in the shorter and middle distance races and tapering off to 500 birds 60-45 lofts in the longer races. The last few races this year were very tough ones with only 150 birds from 20+ lofts. A few top finishes by SOC fliers in the Combine races are:

Just Air (Bob and Honey Justman) 20th Ely A – 6th, 21st Deeth A, and 32nd Middlegate B Two with 16 MEOW 0090 – A Storm Goranson bird!
Chuck Scurini 21st Lovelock B, 4th Wells A, 3rd Fernley A
Clint Boek 35th Lovelock B, 9th Rogerson A
Mike Garrett 9th Wells A, 4th Rogerson A

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First Place Champion Bird, North Section went to 16 SOC 60243 BB Hen flown by Just Air (Bob and Honey Justman) Congratulations! This hen also placed 11th Overall Bay Cities Champion Bird A races and 35th Overall Bay Cities all races!
Click Here For Bay Cities Combine North Section 2017 Champion Bird
Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Champion Bird A 2017 OB
Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Overall Champion Bird B 2017 OB
Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Overall Champion Bird 2017 OB

Chuck Scurini, Just Air Lofts, and Garrett Loft placed 4th, 5th, and 6th against 21 lofts in the Short Average Speed
Click Here For Bay Cities North Section Short Average Speed 2017 OB

With 81 lofts competing Chuck Scurini, Just Air, and Garret Loft placed 16th, 17th, 18th respectively in the Overall Average Speed
Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Short Overall Average Speed A 2017 OB

Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Short Overall Average Speed B 2017 OB

Garrett Loft and Chuck Scurini placed 9th and 10th Overall with 63 lofts competing in the Long Distance – outstanding!
Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Long Overall Average Speed A 2017 OB

Mike Garrett and Chuck Scurini took 9th and 10th respectively in the Combined Short and Long Distance races against 81 fliers – an excellent showing!
Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Overall Average Speed Overall A 2017 OB

Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Champion Loft A Overall 2017 OB
Click Here For Bay Cities Combine Champion Loft B Overall 2017 OB

I’d like to also mention that Garrett Loft and Chuck Scurini participated in the 2017 Western Open from Winnemucca. There were nearly 1000 birds and over 70 lofts from 4 states competing. Garrett Loft sent 2 birds and placed 76th. Chuck Scurini sent 3 birds and placed 161st.

The following is a list of the SOC Average Speed, Champion Loft, and Champion Bird winners:

Average Speed A – Mike Garrett
Average Speed B – Chuck Scurini

Champion Loft A – Chuck Scurini
Champion Loft B – Chuck Scurini

Champion Bird A – Just Air (Bob and Honey Justman)
Champion Bird B – Just Air

Click Here For SOC Average Speed A 2017 OB
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Click Here For SOC Champion Loft A 2017 OB
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Click Here For SOC Champion Bird A 2017 OB
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And finally, here’s a summary of the SOC Club winners for 2017 OB:

Chuck Scurini: Fallon A, Austin A, Eureka A, Lovelock B, Middlegate B3, Lovelock B2, Wells A, Fernely, Imlay B
Just Air (Bob and Honey Justman): Middlegate B, Austin B, Fallon B, Middelgate B2, Ely A, Deeth A, Middlegate A2
Mike Cambra: Middlegate A
Mike Garrett: Rogerson A

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Florin’s Loft

This is Florin’s (Iancu) new loft. We’ve been working on it for about a year and a half. The loft is comprised of 4 sections. Looking left to right; the first two sections are about 8×8 each. The next two are 12×8 and 14×8 respectively. The first two sections will be for young birds with enough perches for 100 birds – there won’t ever be more than 85 at any one time. The two larger sections are for old birds and will easily accommodate 32 pairs. The boxes are set up for widowhood and custom made by some pigeon dude who doesn’t fly birds – he only breeds them and helps new fliers build pigeon lofts. Anyway, here are a few pictures of the old bird nest boxes and the simple locking mechanism and easy cleaning aspects of the design.

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Click Here For a FullView Of One Set (8 boxes) Some Open – Some Closed
This view shows a set of 8 nest boxes – some open and some closed. Boxes will accommodate 2 full-size nest bowls (25 inches wide). The doors can be positioned fully closed, fully open, left side open-right side closed, or right side open-left side closed. Door positions are locked in place by turning a large screw just a few turns into a drilled hole that is slightly larger than the screw. The screw stays in place because it is threaded through the doors using threaded inserts. The boxes have about 2 inches underneath to allow for droppings to pass through on to a thin board or material that slides out for easy cleaning. The birds/bird can be locked in the box because one door has a 5 inch access opening that can be left open or closed by inserting a 1×2 slat midway between the next two slats; that reduces the opening to 2.5 inches. The inserted slat is held in place by two dowels – one on the top and one on the bottom. The top dowel is longer and passes through a hole in the top of the door which allows the bottom dowel to be seated in the hole drilled in the bottom -locking the slat in place. Now, if the birds figure out how to lift that slat about 1.5 inches – straight up, then we’ll have a problem.

Click Here For a FullView Box Closed Closed Box – Lock Detail
This view shows the screw locking mechanism

Click Here For a Box Open Box Open
This view shows the box fully open and locked in place with the same screw that inserts into a hole in the back of the box. You only have to turn the screw a few turns to release it from the hole in the front or in the back. This system keeps the doors perfectly straight and level and cannot be moved by the birds.


Please Click Here Mike Garrett To View an Excellent Article On Mike Garrett’s Involvement, through pigeons, In The Local Community


Storm Goranson

Storm was 70 when he passed away on July 21, 2016. He held many offices during his flying career, which started nearly 50 years ago in the mid 1960’s. Storm could be a tough competitor. Most people don’t know that he earned a Big All American award from the Racing Pigeon Bulletin for his birds’ performance in Young Birds 1978. Then again, most wouldn’t know that Storm as an alternate for the 1968 Olympic Wrestling team. He was previously recognized, in 1967, as an NCAA All-American in Greco-Roman Wrestling (Heavyweight).

Storm earned his M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University. He was well known and respected throughout the Bay Area for his innovative septic system designs that his firm, Environmental Engineering Associates, Inc., created.

The above information was provided to me by Tony Huhn – thank you – and now i’ll make note of my personal observations of Storm.

I first met Storm about 30 years ago at an SOC club meeting – a big man with a big smile and a gentle presence. I always thought Storm was a funny quirky dude! He was fun to be around and I always enjoyed how he downplayed his intellect around people; sometimes to the degree that you wondered what the heck was going on in that big man’s head. I always knew that this was a good man with a big heart. He was generous with his birds and advice for new fliers. Now, we all know that Storm didn’t set any records for wins in a season in the past decade – but life isn’t just about winning pigeon races – thank God. Storm was a lot more than a pigeon flier – he was a good husband and father of four daughters; Bjorna, Blake, Kirstin and Hope. He was a good friend to many people and gave freely of his time to help others.

I visited Storm a week or so before his passing. Blake and Susan (his wife) greeted me and showed me to his room. One of his other daughters (the name escapes me now) was sitting with Storm. She left us alone and we had light conversation. My hearing is horrible and Storm could barely speak. I had to get really close but I finally had to say “Storm, I’m sorry buddy, but i just can’t understand what you’re saying – I’m sorry”. Storm looked at me and took my hand as firm as he could – and said “that’s ok”. That was Storm – still smiling and helping others cope.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have known Storm

Rest in peace my friend


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Header Photograph Taken On 4 August, 2013 In Condoblin, Australia By Karen Tooth. The Picture And Article Appeared In The Condoblin Argus. 5,500 Birds Were Released By The Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation – Bound For Sydney – About 300 Miles.

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Sonoma West Invitational Racing Pigeon Club – New AU Chartered Club in Sonoma County

Well, I thought SWI finished the season, but NO! – SWI members competed again this year in the annual Western Open from Winnemucca on May 28, 2017. Additionally, there was a Winnemucca3 Race to complete the NorCal Sprint series on 13 June, 2017 and a special 600 miler on 14 June, 2017 from Grangeville, Idaho. So, let’s get to the details.

Since I don’t have a breakdown of the competitors in front of me, I’m making a pretty good guess that this years’ Western Open had fliers from Oregon, California, Idaho and Montana – there could be more. 989 birds from 71 lofts were liberated at 0600 in calm and cool conditions resulting in an overall winning speed of 1557.830. SWI had STRONG representation from the following fliers and finished:

De La O-Siino (sent 7) 6th, 13th
Vasco Kid (sent 6) (Jim Bryan) 14th
Siino-De La O (sent 7) 20th and 80th
Ellis Family (sent 7) 35th, 42nd
De La O-Siino again 41st, 87th
Valencia Loft (sent 3) 123rd

Great showing by SWI! – I’m only mentioning those birds in the top 100 Overall or first bird from each flier for the Western Open.

And the final Sprint Series race for the NorCal Concourse was won by the team of De La O-Siino. There were 96 birds from 14 lofts competing and the following SWI lofts were:

De La O-Siino (sent 20) 1st, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 21st, 29th, 30th, 32nd, 33rd, 37th, and 42nd.
Siino-De La O (sent 20) 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 38th, 39th, and 41st
Vasco Kid (sent 5) 36th and 53rd

Grangeville, Idaho would prove to be a much tougher race than the previous days’ race. 147 birds from 20 lofts were liberated at 0530 into a partly cloudy sky with some variable winds. Temperatures along the course reached highs between 80-90 degrees with 5-15mph headwinds for most of the course. There were no day birds and the next day saw birds spread out throughout the entire day. SWI club only had two competing members for this special race and the teams of Siino-De La O sent 6 birds and placed 2nd (flying 619 miles), 22nd, and 29th overall. De La O-Siino sent 6 birds and placed 5th overall.

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June 12, 2017
Sonoma West Invitational Club just finished up a tough season – and the first time competing in all races in the NorCal Concourse which is comprised of the NCC Combine and Camellia City Combine. The NorCal Concourse averaged about 600 plus birds from 39 lofts to 200 plus birds and 31 lofts on the longer TOUGHER races.

The team of Armando De la O and Pat Siino (they fly two lofts from one location) had a great season overall flying over 1200 miles further for average speed and over 100 miles overfly on some of the shorter airlines in the concourse. Here’s a Summary of their outstanding season:

1st and 3rd Overall Average Speed (A and B Races) by 1 hour, 6 minutes
1st and 3rd Average Speed (A Race) by 1 hour, 23 minutes
2nd and 3rd Average Speed (B Race) 15 minutes behind winner
2nd and 3rd Champion Loft (A Race)
7th and 14th Champion Loft (B Race)

They had 17 birds listed in the Concourse Champion birds. Congratulations!!

Click Here NorCal Concourse OB 2017 Results

Click Here For NorCal Concourse Overall AvgSpd OB 2017
Click Here For NorCal Concourse AvgSpd (A) OB 2017
Click Here For NorCal Concourse AvgSpd (B) OB 2017
Click Here For NorCal Concourse Champion Loft A and B OB 2017
Click Here For NorCal Concourse Overall Champion Bird OB 2017

Also, big shout-out to Tom O’Brien (TRAPnCRAPn Loft) – very good season:

1st Club at Lovelock1, 1st Club Imlay1, 1st Club Imlay2, 1st Club Carlin2. Concourse positions were: 21, 48, 55 respectively and a big 1st Overall Concourse at Carlin2. Congrats!!

Ellis Family Loft took 1st Club at Winnemucca2

And Valencia Loft (new fliers) was 2nd at Valmy4. They sent only 4 birds and placed 13th Overall in the Concourse against 309 birds and 35 lofts.

Congrats to all!!

18 June 2017 – And a slight oversite:

SWI Club only had 6 lofts competing in the NorCal Concourse Champion Loft (B Races) but had a strong representation in this category. I previously noted Armando and Pat’s results in Concourse Champion Loft competition. But there were others with top finishes:

Jim Bryan (VASCO Kid) 10th Overall, Ellis Family loft 17th Overall, Tom O’Brien (TRAPnCRAPn) 20th Overall, and Valencia Loft at 30th Overall.

Click Here For All SWI Club Results SWI Club OB 2017 Results

Great YouTube Video of Pat Siino and Armando De la O Racing Team From 2011

The Picture Above Was Taken During A Prior AU Convention. That’s Mike Cambra On The Left And Armando De la O On The Right

The Sonoma West Invitational Racing Pigeon Club joined the new AU chartered Northern California Combine (NCC). The NCC will be flying the Interstate 80 course. The NCC will fly all races with the new NORCAL Concourse which consists of the NCC and the Camellia City Combine.