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Martha Apel passed away on Monday, April 28th, 2014. She was 91. Martha was the widow of Randy Apel, a prominent flier and long time member of the Sonoma County Racing Pigeon Club, Santa Rosa, but she was well-known and highly respected for her own accomplishments.

The Passing Of Martha Apel

Martha was a member of the CSRPO Ladies Auxiliary serving as president in 1994-1996. She chaired the ladies activities for the CSRPO state conventions, hosted by the SOC Club, in 1988 and 1997. She received the auxiliary’s highest honor, the Helyn Brancato Award and the CSRPO’s Will Waterhouse Award. But, the thing nearest and dearest to her heart and for which Martha will always be remembered, and revered, is the CSRPO Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Fund which was renamed the Martha Apel Scholarship Fund, in her honor, last year. Since it’s inception in the mid 90’s, many thousands of dollars have been raised to help our children and grand-children with their college education.

Please Click Martha Apel For Nice Article Written By Pat Siino For Barbara Cline For The 2003 CSRPO Convention

Header Photograph Taken On 4 August, 2013 In Condoblin, Australia By Karen Tooth. The Picture And Article Appeared In The Condoblin Argus. 5,500 Birds Were Released By The Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation – Bound For Sydney – About 300 Miles.

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